About The Studio

What if we tell you that you never need to hunt for shoot locations ever again? Picture this - a colossal space where a big variety of sets are already built and ready to use. Whether it’s Moroccan architecture or the streets of Italy with a beautiful canal, or even a quaint café, we’ve got over 25 sets designed and at your disposal.

This open-air private space comes with complete facilities like on-location stylists, make up artists, costumes, props, shooting team, assistants and state of the art equipment and additional support. It is the perfect one-stop solution for shooting TV shows, ad films, albums, songs, product launches, catalogues, fashion bloggers, pre wedding shoots and more. Panned across a vast 3 acres of land along the Mumbai-Nashik Highway, we’re located just a 50 minute drive from the bustling city of Mumbai. And this is just phase 1, we’re expanding very soon. Stay tuned!